OnePoint5Media and Innovators Magazine were born out of a desire to doing something meaningful. In its pursuit Susan Robertson and Iain Robertson, along with their daughter Holly, have established what has become a OnePoint5Media community of friends, including OnePoint5Media podcast host Marc Buckley – and other creatives and innovators, who share similar values and motivations.

Combining skills in communication, journalism and design, Susan and Iain launched Innovators Magazine in 2015, following the launch of the UN Sustainable Development Goals the same year, with the aim of taking a solutions journalism approach to telling stories about the innovators advancing the Global Goals.

Running in parallel is OnePoint5Media, which works on a range of major projects worldwide, in the European Parliament, with UN Climate Conferences, Foundations, as well as private and public sector companies, providing communication strategies, creative content, event ideation and impactful publications.

And the pursuit of something better is stitched into in the OnePoint5Media DNA thanks to Flora Robertson, one of the family and a native Gaelic-speaker from Skye, Scotland, who had the courage and determination to work for a better future for others in the 1930s knowing she wouldn’t live to see it.


Communicating solutions for Planet A.

We – Susan and Iain Robertson, started OnePoint5Media to pursue our shared dream of putting purpose at the heart of our everyday.

From producing communication strategies, creative content, and event ideation – to unique publications and podcasts, we are passionate about telling stories about the people and projects reshaping our world. We have been able to do this – and work on some amazingly creative projects together – by combining our skills in communication, journalism, teaching, and design.

And what started with us pooling complementary skills has grown into a OnePoint5Media community of creatives and innovators, who all share this passion to work for a better world, including OnePoint5Media podcast host, Marc Buckley.

Today, the impact of this organically grown creative communications agency can be seen worldwide, in the European Parliament, at UN Climate Conferences, in Foundations, as well as in the private and public sectors.


Iain Robertson


Susan Robertson

Dreaming big

Holly Robertson


Marc Buckley

To this day, the best professional experience! Susan Robertson and Iain Robertson you are wonderful human beings applying care and empathy to all you do and everyone you meet. It has been brief, yet incredibly exciting and enriching. I am honored that I could contribute to the journey of Innovators Magazine and OnePoint5Media. Ad maiora semper!

Carlotta de Toni - Impact Comms Lead

I have been working with the OnePoint5Media team since 2016, over eight years now, and am continually impressed by the creative and impactful content and ideas they produce for our projects and events in the European Parliament.

- Dr Roland Strauss - co-founder of the K4I Forum in the European Parliament.